Before and After

I've always been wary of releasing unedited images, as they are not a full representation of my work. Post processing is so important for me and my underwater work. For me an image is never complete until I've spent countless hours in Photoshop retouching, color correcting and sometimes, not always, in the case of this Image I'm about to share with you, a decent amount of composite work. Each photograph that I pass to my clients as a finished product has been crafted to perfection and sometimes perfect imperfection.  I've decided to begin sharing some before and afters with you, so you can truly see the artistry behind my Photography. This Image below is a mixture of makeup/prosthetics and composite work to achieve the final image. This first image is the un-retouched one, straight out of camera.


This Image is the final piece, about 12 hours went into the final edit and I'm so excited with how it turned out. Be sure to look closely as there is lots of detail that has been added to give it it's final look and feel. 

I can't wait to make prints of this piece, the first of many more Images like this to come. One of these will definitely be making a statement on my living room wall. Prints are available by request, and they will be availible on my Web store as soon as It's up and running!  


Prosthetics and Makeup Application : Jake C Barber Artistry

Model: Blessing Nelson