Eryn M. Brydon

Reality is solely what we make it. As an artist my imagery represents the way I see and feel the world around me.

Eryn M. Brydon is a conceptual underwater photographer specializing in commercial and commissioned fine art portraiture.  A graduate of Brooks Institute she gained her knowledge by completing a fast paced and extremely rigorous BFA program in Professional Photography, honing her skills technically as well as creatively. There is a certain level of trust that happens when you add the element of water and subtract an element so vital to human survival, breath. Developing that bond of trust with her subjects help capture moments underwater that reflect and reveal each person’s unique self in a different and exciting way. Water drives the heart of Eryn’s Photography. It’s a passion that drives her to create a fun, unique and professional experience that results in an outstanding quality product for her clients. 

Eryn M. Brydon Photography


Los Angeles, CA